Jordan Deifik

Real Estate Acquisition & Asset Management Executive

Delivering high ROI on real estate investments has been a key outcome of a successful real estate acquisition and asset management career. Known for developing effective solutions to challenges and generating a lasting impact on business growth and success. Passionate, entrepreneurial leader characterized by a drive for results, a solid investor/developer perspective, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Expertise in commercial real estate development, investment, leasing, and transaction management. Exceptional record leading cross-functional teams while supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Recognized as a Forty Under 40 Business Leader by the Denver Business Journal and as one of the top five GenXYZ Business Professionals by ColoradoBiz for contributions to the commercial real estate industry and achievements relative to startup companies.

Currently located in Houston, TX. Open to travel, remote, hybrid & on-site.


February 2019 | Present

Chief Executive Officer

Serve as Senior Advisor to PE funds, institutional investors, family offices, and private investors. Provide creative and strategic solutions for principal real estate investments, development/redevelopment, asset and portfolio management, leasing, and transactional oversight across the United States.

LB Opportunity Fund

July 2022 | January 2023

General Partner & Investment Committee Member

Led the investment strategy and executed value-added real estate initiatives, developing new partner relationships and determining areas for investment consideration.

August 2015 | February 2019

Chief Operating Officer

Advanced to this role to redirect investment, ownership, and operational strategy to secondary and tertiary markets to capitalize on growth trends outpacing some gateway markets. Created and directed the execution of business plans, managed P&L, and oversaw the Asset Management team while directing all efforts focused on acquisitions, dispositions, redevelopment, leasing, and asset management.

March 2011 | August 2015

Vice President of Business Development

Led investment strategy while working cross-functionally with Accounting and Marketing teams to analyze and develop key performance indicators (KPIs), trend analyses, and dashboards to monitor operations. Oversaw investor relations, ad hoc projects, and HR for the department.


Led disposition transactions for a joint venture partner, achieving an equity multiple of 3.38 across three large-scale, master-planned communities.

Secured $600M in equity capital from private equity funds, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Also obtained $825M in lender financing, $118M in public financing, and $90M in revolving credit lines.

Successfully managed complex transactions with a career total exceeding $3B across six commercial property types.


C-Level Relationship Management


Capital Budgets

Multi-Site Operations

Contract Management


Corporate Partnerships

Real Estate & Leasing

Forecasting & Modeling


Investor Relations

Strategic Planning




Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Arts (MA)
Medical Clinical Sciences

Bachelor of Science (BS)
Business Administration & Management

Diploma in Premedical Studies






Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

I like the dynamic aspects of commercial estate investing, transactions, and portfolio management. Not only are there specific nuances to each property use type, but market-driven fluctuations ensure each day holds something new to consider or address. Related to that, I am a detail-oriented and data driven person, which lends itself readily to such a metric focused industry

What has been the greatest accomplishment of your life so far? Is there anything you wish to do even better?

My greatest accomplishment was the career transition I successfully made in shifting my focus from medicine and pharmaceuticals to commercial real estate. I have always been an avid learner my entire life and thrive on challenging myself and deciding to leverage my project management expertise to branch out into an entirely new industry after multiple degrees and over a decade in the former field is most representative of those qualities.

I aim to continue pushing my knowledge and expertise through overcoming challenging situations moving forward, including taking on even more responsibility for leading an organization to greater heights than I have even done in the past

How would your peers and team members describe your responsiveness as a leader?

I believe that communication is the most crucial and foundational aspect of any social dynamic, especially when leading others. This has led me to have an open-door policy, where I strive to make myself available for any questions, concerns, or support as one of the best ways in which I can not only support my team but establish strong bonds that lead to greater organizational outcomes.

Value Statement

Based on my past experience, I know that the mission and values of any firm are of paramount importance in ensuring it has the ability to not only provide the best service for its clients, but also in making sure it is a place that people love coming to for work every day. This focus is based on my belief that if these corporate, guiding principles are bought into by a firm’s most important asset–its team–these then become the cornerstone of a foundational corporate culture, and thereby, the most efficient driver of bottom line returns as a result.


So where did the values most important to myself as an individual come from originally? They are actually taken from the wisdom offered to me by my father while growing up. A businessman himself, with extensive experience in commercial real estate development and private capital investing, he was one of the hardest working people I knew. Despite the long hours he put in, he always had time for my sister and I, no matter what was going on at the office. It was during these moments that his wisdom truly shined, encapsulated in three sayings he would consistently tell us–which ultimately served as the foundational source for my core values:


I. Aptitude: “Know what you know… and what you don’t.”

It’s important to be confident in one’s abilities relative to areas of expertise and core competencies. Similarly, if there are areas in which others may have greater knowledge, it’s important to recognize that, as well. Avoiding ego-driven reactions is the best way to foster collaboration (and success as a result).

In my past roles, I have focused on putting together a team with the aptitude to truly excel, including having knowledge and skillsets that are cohesively complementary in order to ensure the best results for the organization and its clients.


II. Integrity: “Be true to thyself.”

At the end of the day, one should be able to look into the mirror and be proud of the accomplishments from those waking hours, as well as the support and care shown to one’s fellow man. A large part of being able to do that is the forthrightness and honesty at the heart of each matter undertaken, whether to others or oneself. If you are not true to the principles and values driven by one’s own moral compass, this will translate into substandard outcomes no matter what the focus may be.

This fostered my own view that if the guiding beliefs held by others are aligned with those of the goal they are serving, that is the truest way to achieve maximal success. This served as the focus for fostering the buy-in of organizational core values by its team members. By having this synergy between what the corporation strives for and what motivates its team, the result is integrity for the individual, the organization, and further enhances long-term outcomes.


III. Excellence: “Be the best you can be.”

It’s important to fully dedicate oneself to a commitment made, whether to friends and family in one’s personal life, or those made to a company and its clients. Of the three values, I truly believe that excellence is the most critical of value all in terms of being foundational support for any other corporate value.

While one may not have the knowledge to directly address any challenge or obstacle individually, performing accordingly to this means taking the actions necessary to leverage the expertise of other team members or stakeholders to ensure the problem is addressed by those most able to effectively drive its resolution. Similarly, related to integrity, one cannot truly look into the mirror on a daily basis and say one had lived in accordance with that principle unless having strove for the absolute best in everything undertaken during its course.

And there you have it. A bit of insight as to not only my experience as child growing up in rural Colorado, but hopefully greater clarity as to why I have been so focused on the importance of not only having an informed corporate culture, but one that is elevated in its ideals and principles as to be worthy of the aspirational buy-in of all who work as part of it.


“I enjoy working with Jordan and got to know his business style when we partnered together over the past decade on the acquisition or disposition of over 900,000 square feet of commercial real estate. He is exceptionally business savvy when it comes to overseeing high-profile investments.”

Tim Richey;

Vice Chairman, CBRE

“Jordan’s insights into real estate and his entrepreneurial instincts enable him to work through many business situations that impress even the most experienced professional with whom he comes in contact.”

Jay Kamlet;

Managing Partner, Kamlet LLP

“I have known Jordan for years and consider him to one of the top entrepreneurs in Denver. I trusted him to assist my companies with the development and leasing of a 680,000 square foot mixed-use project [McGregor Square] because he is great at what he does.”

Dick Monfort;

Chairman & CEO, Colorado Rockies Baseball Club